So What Is A Hotboard

...And What Do They Do?

HOTBOARDS ARE... innovative new display board solution that allows your hospital to display, hygienically and professionally, a wide range of vital information with visitors, patients and staff, in the flexible pockets. Hotboards not only replace your traditional noticeboards but have evolved into truly innovative statistics and performance tools, used in hospital departments and wards across the UK.


Benefits & Features

...of Hotboards by Ward-Hendry

Hotboards feature:

  • A variety of flexible document pockets into which any required information or notices can be placed.
  • A range of different sizes and layouts to suit all requirements
  • Various versions including magnetic wipe-board and portable solutions
  • All Hotboards are made of high-quality, durable materials
  • All Hotboards are manufactured in the UK

We also offer products like:

  • Hotpockets: Display single page notices and posters on nearly any wall or surface.
  • Staff Hotboards: Create a professional first impression of your on-duty staff to visitors and patients by displaying their names and photos in your entrance or ward.

The Three Essential Hotboard Parts

  • The Main Panel

    This central sheet of clear, high-quality acrylic is what the flexible document pockets and accessories are affixed to.
  • The Backing Panel

    As standard, this is white but can be printed on and is made of light-weight, durable Foamex. It forms an opaque backing to the Hotboard.
  • The Pockets

    Available in a range of sizes and orientations the flexible document pockets are what make our Hotboards so clever. Because they're made from a super-tough and flexible plastic means that users can replace documents with ease.