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In 2004 Michael and Sarah Ward-Hendry founded Ward-Hendry Ltd, with the vision of bringing world class creative services to the education sector. Michael’s background in the music industry, coupled with Sarah’s, as Kodak-award winning photographer, have resulted in their ability to innovate in traditional markets, first for the education sector and more recently in the NHS and large corporations.

They have now developed and grown Ward-Hendry Ltd into both a multi-discipline creative services business and an innovator of new display products, under the Hotboard brand. In addition Sarah has launched a new fashion brand, Ruxx, which brings a new take on backpacks and rucksacks, with a commitment to all-British design and manufacture.
The rapid development of the Hotboard has been down to the level of demand from industry practitioners: the original idea for the Working Wall Hotboard came out of one school’s desire to instantly publish children’s class-work and in a professional way. The development of the latest product, the Hotpocket, has come from the NHS’ need to combat HCAI (healthcare associated infections).  The key to the Hotboard is its flexibility, able to meet the requirements of any business or industry.
As well as the Hotboard range of products, Ward-Hendry Ltd also offers the following creative services

As the UK’s most creative school photography company, we believe in creating something different for you, your pupils and their parents. Visit our website for more details:
Using dynamic imagery and leading-edge creating services, we will help you to market your school effectively in the wider community. Our creative services are all about emphasising your school’s ethos and message and then communicating it visually in a vibrant and dynamic way to your students and the wider community. Visit our website for more details:

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